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Advice, Assistance or complete management in the following areas and this from a social security, labour law and tax point of view:

Global HR and payroll services

Processing payrolls in different countries

Acting as a mandatory for social security purposes

Drafting contracts, policies, …

Salary split


Drafting contracts


Advice regarding and assistance in the social and tax formalities when working temporarily in Belgium

Residence rules

Management of liabilities in case of projects

Construction sector and industry



High expectations from working international?

Whether it concerns the organization and legislative provisions of international employment or…
Then we can take you to the next level…
finding your way to expand into an international market.

HR on demand

Structure, procedures and compliance

For foreign employers that employ staff in Belgium

Processing the Belgian payroll and translating the payroll issues in a way that it is understandable for the foreign company

Drafting contracts and policies according to the Belgian law taking into account the intern rules of the foreign company

Acting as a social security mandatory, when requested

For Belgian SME companies

Step 1: check the compliance of the social legal documents and the payroll with the Belgian legislation

Step 2: introduce procedures in HR and the salary policy to prepa-re the company for further growth

Optimization salary packages (costs proper to the employer, bonusses, …)

Step 3: follow up implementation

On site and from a distance


Member of Bepolux
(Belgian-Lux.-Polish chamber of commerce)

Member of Voka (Belgian employer’s organisation)

Member of the Belgian Business (BBC)


Orus and Complete Service

  • Outsourcing production lines


  • Certified Portuguese interim agency

JP. Montage

  • (Slovenian industrial company)

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